There is cage aggression in certain species parrot. Many people complain about this problem and don’t know what

to do about it. There are many responses to this sort of problem, advising parrot owners to not allow their parrot to get away with this as it is trying to show authority over you. This isn't true. Parrots like to have their space and like you or I don’t appreciate intruders sticking their hands in as they please, think of it like having someone go through your personal things. It is a simple matter of having some respect for their space and attempting to give

the parrot the opportunity to want to come out to you rather than be forced to. The cage is their castle, not

yours. Most birds are more willing to step up in this way since your hand will not be intruding in his cage.

Sometimes parrots can have bad days and prefer to stay in their cage and be left alone for a while. We sometimes feel like this so why not parrots too. This is not cage aggression. If your parrot is definite about not wanting to come out of his cage then leave him alone for a while. Go back about 10 minutes later & see if he wants to come out then. Usually by this time the bird is willing to come out of their cage. Learn your birds body language. You can have up to 80 years of living with this bird so do you really want 80 years of not understanding him? They always let you know how they’re feeling through body language. Look out for signs he isn’t interested in coming out just yet to avoid being bitten in the first place.

To clean your birds cage, feed and water him, have your bird sit on your shoulder and allow him to watch what you’re doing. Make it a daily routine so he accepts it. If you prefer not to offer the shoulder then make a small stand and sit him on the stand close to you or the cage so he can watch.

Cage aggression is when you attempt to have your parrot step up on your hand from inside the cage and the parrot attacks you. The parrot is doing nothing more than just defending their space from intruders or he just might not be ready to come out.

To avoid cage aggression you can open up the parrots cage, encourage your parrot to meet you at the cage door with treat in hand. Offer the treat once your parrot has stepped up on your hand without any screams, bites or nips. Continue to do this every time you want to take your parrot out. If your parrot does not oblige then leave him alone for a few minutes. He will come to you when he's ready.

Cage Aggression