Accidents with birds do happen no matter how careful you are and there are some steps you can take to be prepared

for an emergency.

Keep an avian first aid book handy. There are a few available online and will be full of information that can help you save your parrot.  Avian Vet List

Have a small travel cage or carrier handy at all times for any emergency trip to the vet. A smell pet carrier is handy for any sick bird that is unable to perch. It is solid and you can put a clean towel on the bottom of the carrier.


Locking Forceps

Iodine Antiseptic


Antiseptic Towelettes

Gauze Pads

Cotton Swabs


Kit direction Card

Corn Flour

Adhesive Tape


Hand Wipes

Emergency Card

Aloe Vera (natural)


The kits are small and easy to store away or take out anywhere with you. Most people who sell them also sell all replacement equipment as well as extras that are not normally included in the kit such as sprays. It is relatively easy to find these kits online however, if you live in Australia you may need to look at having the kit shipped from over seas since they’re rarely, if ever readily available here.

You can make you own kit up. Most people who do this use either a sewing box or tackle box.

Although larger in size, you can choice the size that would most suit you, you can hold more supplies in the kit including bottle sprays and solutions. These boxes can also come with compartments to make storing more organised and easier to access the supplies.

The average first aid kit can contain anything or all of these items:

Antibiotic ointment


Small gauze pads & bandages

Bottle water & spray solution

Corn flour

Baby bird formula

Cotton balls & tips

Nail clippers

Needle nose pliers

Penlight & spare batteries

Small sharp scissors

Popsicle sticks

Avian first aid book

Liquid bandage

Syringe without the needle

Small clean hand towel

Vet information

Mite/Lice sprays & wormers

Aloe Detox, natural aloe juice or aloe vera

Eye & skin wash

Wire cutters

Magnifying glass

Pellets & seeds

Betadine or hibitane

Fluids for rehydrating

Small heating pad

My Home made first aid kit is a box I bought from Bunnings. It has 3 segments, a reasonable size to fit everything in except the aloe/water spray but I will adjust that by getting a slightly smaller bottle. I cut grooves in the dividers the thickness of the book so I can fit the book in the kit as well

First Aid

Keep a Bird First Aid Kit

Ask your avian vet to show you how to handle a small emergency such as wounds, broken blood feathers or nails and injuries from other pets.

You can either buy a ready made first aid kit or you can make up your own first aid kit. Most bought first aid kits come with a few essentials such as:

What is spark? Spark is an electrolyte and energy replacement liquid that contains gut flora and essential proteins, vitamins and much more. It is used in emergencies for birds who are stressed, injured or sick, until they’re able to see an avian vet. Spark provides vital nutrients that ill keep your bird alive and give it ongoing energy. Spark can also be added as a part of the recovery of your bird. It is a must in all first aid kits. You can buy Spark from Vetafarm.