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PostPosted: August 13th, 2012, 7:03 pm 

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I have a 2 year old male eclectus called Wally, who needs a new home and someone to love him. I took him as a favour to a friend who was moving interstate for work, and is unable to take him back, hence he has been mine for 12 months.

As I work shift work and travel often when I'm not working, I fully intended to send him to my sister in Cairns who has parrots, but I am afraid he will be stressed by the long trip. I love him, but I also want him to go somewhere he can be the center of attention and he is not left alone all day when I'm at work.

Wally is beautiful, healthy and is the friendliest bird I've ever handled. He has never bitten anyone who has handled him, and comes willingly from his cage or perch when called or offered a treat. He is an indoor only bird, who has been given free reign of the house, and has never had his wings clipped. He talks (hello, what you doing?, Wally!!, come on, No! etc), whistles, imitates other birds, meows like a cat and dances occasionally. It only took me six weeks to teach him the basics of pop goes the weasle, so he is very trainable. He also has been socialised with my dog, and adapted very quickly. I let him out whenever I am home, and he just wants to be with people, and get into mischief. He takes a liking to new people very quickly if you feed him. He LOVES showers, and anything parrot safe that you might be eating, he will eat.

Basically, Wally is a kid with feathers, so I want him to go to someone with genuine love of parrots, and more time than I do to give him the attention he deserves.

As for his value, I am unsure. I know his original owner paid $1000 for him from a breeder in Victoria. Any offer will be considered.

I will consider any offer as a measure of your willingness to give Wally a good life, and if possible I would like him to go to an experienced owner, or someone I think will treat him with love. Wally will be yours with a cage and stand.

If you think you can help give Wally the life he deserves, please contact me. I will email photo's and video, as my photos are too big for this forum.


PostPosted: August 14th, 2012, 4:27 pm 
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Hi Jamie,

Sounds like your totally in love with your Wally bird, must be tough decision.

Not sure where you are - I'm in Cairns and have flown birds to Brisbane and to Sydney, and I know there's a breeder in these parts who flies them all over Australia - the first time I sent one off via air express, it was really hard to hand that bird over, but he was just fine - he was just a young fella - and the two that went to Sydney were older and they were fine, too. So sending Wally to Cairns to your sister isn't a bad option. You can get the appropriate travel cage, install a perch, and get Wally used to travelling in it in the car first. I think (hope) once they get into the cargo hold, it's nice and dark and they're very secure and they sleep all the way.

He sounds adorable! I hope you find the right home for him, good luck!


PostPosted: August 15th, 2013, 10:20 am 

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I am interested in Wally. Could you please email me some pictures of him on: Thanks

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