Licensing and Guidelines in Australia

Western Australia YES for all subspecies Eclectus

There are some who confused because the application is not specific in the which subspecies requires licensing or the paper does not contain their binominal or scientific name so you may only need a licence for the Australian Eclectus (macgillivrayi). The Advance Aviculture licence in Western Australia if for ALL subspecies of Eclectus. The licence only costs $20 per year.

You may also have other parrot species that need to be declared and/or licensed. Certain species of parrots require declaring but may not need a licence. You can check on these forms.

You can download or print the WA licences and declarations directly from here. Fill them in & fax or post them directly to The Department of Environment and Conservation.

Each State and Territory has different requirements for keeping, caring for, buying/selling, and moving Eclectus. Here is a list of each State and Territory licences, if they’re needed and any other guidelines and licences I have been able to find so far. I may not have everything so it’s up to you to find out what your state requires.

PLEASE NOTE: it is possibly a requirement for ALL states to have a license for ALL Australian (Macgillivrayi) subspecies of Eclectus due to them being native wildlife.

South Australia   NO licence isn’t required for Eclectus

Exotic Bird Guidelines

Code of Practice for Captive Birds


Code of Practice for Bird Sales

Australian Capital Territory  NO licence isn’t required for Eclectus


Licensing Plants and Animals

Northern Territory   NO licence isn’t required for Eclectus

Animal Welfare

Publications and Forms

Tasmania  NO licence isn’t required for Eclectus

Importing and Keeping Birds in Tasmania, list

Movement Form


Protected Bird Species Permit

Please note while finding out about licensing your Eclectus in your state please also enquire about a movement advice as most states and territories require movement advice from you if your Eclectus is travelling within your state or interstate.