I have a friend in Dallas, Texas USA that was a breeder of many different breeds of birds. She went through a tough time and needed to foster out her birds for a few months. I volunteered to take some. I ended up taking in about 50 birds. My house was stuffed with birds. lol. Anyway, one of the birds was a female eclectus. My friend was trying to find a male when her hard times began. They told us that the eclectus (they named her "Pretty Girl") never bit. I was intimidated by her large beak as the largest bird I had had up until that point was a quaker.

So, a couple of months go by and my friend started missing Lucy. During these two months we felt sorry that she was being kept in a cage that was so small she couldn't even open her wings fully so we pulled up a spare chair and put her on the back of it (like a play tree). She loved it. She was in the living room with all of us and got a lot of interaction with us.

Anyway, so my friend started missing her. My friend and her hubby came back and took Lucy back with them. It wasn't long before Lucy started biting them. They couldn't believe it. So, they said they were going to sell her. I was saddened by this and mentioned it to some other friends of mine. They knew about the whole situation and all agreed that Lucy needed to be taken out of that home and brought into mine. So they asked me to see if she would come down in price, which my friend did. Then these other friends pooled their money and sent me the exact amount for Lucy. Lucy came to her forever home on July 3, 2008 and has been happy ever since. I feel blessed to have her in my life. I wouldn't trade anything for this little girl.

Oh, and since Pretty Girl was so long and because she didn't react to it, we tried out different names. When we said Lucy, she would make a noise every time. So, that name stuck. lol