Eclectus Roratus Vosmaeri

Vosmaeri Eclectus

Vosmaeri Eclectus, Halmahera Eclectus, from Northern and Central Maluku including Halmahera, Obi,

Damar, Batjan, Mare, Morotai, Kayao islands.

Approximate length 37 - 38cm.

Approximate Wing Span 210 - 261mm

Pictures Roseorchid Aviaries ©

A young Vosmaeri hen can be identified easily. A true Vos hen, at a young age will have fine yellow feathering on the edge of her red feathers. Once the hen has gone through her first moult, the yellow edging will disappear for good.

The Vosmaeri cocks outer tail feathers are exactly the same colour as their outer primary wing feathers.

An almost 4 month old Vosmaeri cock

Pictures Rudy Caccia ©

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