Eclectus Food Pyramid

TIP: in the wild the eclectus diet consists mainly of fruit and fruit seeds. Our ‘human’ fruit doesn’t have the same nutrient contents as their wild fruits do. Our ‘human’ vegetables, leafy greens, weeds and herbs do contain the better nutrient contents. This, along with tropical fruits and berries should be fed more than other types of fruit.

Up to 50% of the Eclectus diet can consist of sprouts, micro greens, edible flowers, herbs and weeds.

What is in an Eclectus menu from the preferred most eaten foods to the least eaten:

Organic and in season where possible

First; sprouts, flowers, herbs, weeds

Second; Fruit and Vegetables dark and rich in the colours green, yellow, red, orange, as well as tropical fruits and seeds, palm fruits and nuts, berries.

Third; All other fruit and Vegetables

Fourth; Seeds, other nuts, pellets

Fifth; Complete proteins; meal worms, quinoa, cooked fish/prawns are the healthier complete proteins to offer