Frozen and Dehydrated Food


Frozen Food is often served to birds as a favourite. It is easy to serve up, convenient, lasts longer than fresh fruit and vegetables and the waste is minimal. Most bought frozen veggies do contain sodium in the ingredients so read the packs before you buy them. Some are also cooked or blanched and this alters the nutrient content, so look for snap frozen brands as these ones are are freezed ‘as is’ at extremely low temperatures, keeping the nutritional values of the fruit and vegetables high.

As an alternative to buying frozen veggies you can cut large batches of fruit and veg up and freeze them in meal size portions, no cooking or blanching or preparing in any way other than cutting them into portions.

To know a little more about freezing bulk fresh fruit and veggies you can view the forums topic The Great Food Production Line

Dried bought fruit is another popular easy food to offer to your parrots. Most of the bought dried fruits contain sulphur dioxide as well as numerous preservatives and additives, including the natural died fruit. For under $100 you can pick yourself up a cheap dehydrator, slice the fruit and veg up, dry it and bag it into zip lock bags. Dehydrated fruit, whether it’s bought or home dried should only ever be offered as a treat. All dehydrated fruit’s sugar content can double or triple that of the fresh raw fruit. Dehydrated fruit doesn’t increase in sugar like some may believe. The sugar content is the same however it becomes a lot more concentrated while the food is dried and shrunken. Think of dehydrated food as a junk food. In the end, raw is always best.