The auto sprouter is a motorised sprouter. You fill the base with water, sprouts added

to the trays, dividers placed in and tubes with a sprinkler on the top suck the water & sprinkles it every 50 mins for 10 mins until your seeds sprout. You still need to change the bases water regularly as it can get very dirty & smelly. There is no pre rinse of sprouts involved, but if you want you can pre rinse them to keep the water cleaner for longer.

I found the sprouting to be quite successful, especially with the harder to sprout seeds and waxy seeds such as flax and chia, both which I have found great difficulty in sprouting other ways. The motor is very quiet and the base doesn’t seem to get hot or even warm from long periods of running so you can leave it on continually. Mine was new and not working and when I emailed the makers they were more than happy to send a new sprouter to me, no questions asked, making me think there may have been a common fault with them. I kept all the bits off the sprouter that didn’t work and added an extra tower to it so I could get more sprouts. The pump was powerful enough to reach the top and spray.

The sprouter is over all good however it is quite a large item, taking up a lot of room and sprouts less seed than other sprouters I have.

Because of the run of the pump and water every 50 mins and the constant humidity in the container, the sprouts can easily sour so you need to keep a very close eye on them throughout the sprouting process. If you have no humidity in your area you may not have any problems with the sprouts souring quickly.

This sprouter is excellent to use but very hard to clean. It does come with a tube cleaning brush but I have found using an old tooth brush is easier to clean the tray and grates.

I find the ‘normal’ grates are too large for many of my sprouts. The sprouter does come with fine mesh grates, but not enough of them. As an alternative I have bought some fly mesh and cut in into the shape of the bottom. This I use for all my sprouts & I don’t bother placing the dividers in as I don’t find them necessary.

The Bio-Snacky sprouter is similar to the Auto-Sprouter but it has no motor. This sprouter requires fine paper filters to be bought if you intend on sprouting fine seeds. The filters can be very difficult to find.

The dishes are topped with water, just enough to cover the sprouts and soak them. The red ‘taps’ in each dish serve to drain the water. The tabs must be placed on loosely. If they’re pushed on at all the water won’t drain. I found that eventually over time they would tighten anyway, causing the water to not drain properly.

This sprouter I found very difficult to use. My sprouts often went sour before they sprouted. The drain taps didn’t work as efficiently as they needed to. It was a very basic set up of shallow plastic containers with drain holes in each and a lid. I felt it was over priced considering I had no success with this sprouter. The plastic was also quick to go slimy. After several attempts at using this sprouter I ended up throwing it in the bin.

The Bio-Snacky glass sprouter is a glass jar with a lid full of holes for draining and it has a stand so you can drain the water properly.

This is very low priced sprouter and very basic and most importantly it works. it uses the exact same method that people have used for years when jar sprouting. It comes with a stand so you can place your spouter on it upside down once your sprouts are soaked and all the water can drain better.

The only down fall to this is that it’s glass. I have noticed when using anything clear glass you need to be very careful not to place it in direct sunlight, unless you’re in quite a cool climate. The sunlight going through and the glass seems to go smily quite quickly so it does need a lot of rinses to avoid this from happening.

This is a good all round sprouter, easy to use and saves space. It can also cost less to buy this sprouter than it can to make your own glass jar sprouter.

The Easy Sprout is similar to a glass jar sprouter but it is plastic, white and not clear so there is no risk of strong sunlight going directly through and ruining your sprouts before they are ready. It comes with a smaller grate so you can sprout fine seeds. It slips into the container easily.

There are two containers to it. One sits in the other. Fill the container with sprouts. Mixed sprouts work very well, then fill it to the top with water. Go through your usual sprout soaking process. Once the sprouts are soaked, rinse and lift the inside container to sit on the outside containers edges. This means the sprouts can drain freely and properly.

I have been the most successful with using this sprouter as I have with any other sprouter. I have also spoken to other people who have used this sprouter and are amazed at how successful it is with sprouting. I highly recommend this sprouter, especially if you’re new to sprouting or are having problems sprouting. It is a very reasonable price too.


These are beetroot storage containers

Sprouting using a wet paper towel in a bowl or plate and spritzing with water

Glass jar with a metal lid, the top cut out of it and fly screen mesh.

Jar without the lid. Mesh held on with a lacky band

Homemade sprout bags can be made out of mesh, gauze, cheese cloth or any type of material that will rinse and drain water through easily.

Types of Sprouters

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